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Developer's Note - Episode 8

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  • Developer's Note - Episode 8

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    Greetings from the Chain Strike Team!

    Since the Legendary Guardian Update, we tried to stay focused on providing materials required to build Legendary Guardians.
    In this Developer's Note, we'll briefly cover the details of the future update!

    1. New User Accessibility
    We're seeking ways for new users to settle into Chain Strike faster and feel a greater sense of achievement through building Guardians. To be more specific, we plan to give away more rewards in various ways, such as providing increased Update Rewards, Login Rewards, Event Rewards, and Adventure Missions. Moreover, we'll have more Books of Mystical Dimension from Daily Challenges in an attempt to relieve your burden of summoning Guardians. In addition, we'll lower the amount of EXP required to level up your Guardians as well as your account so you and your Guardians can level up faster.

    2. Legendary Guardian Acquisition
    After the Legendary Guardian Update, we received a variety of suggestions on how to improve the system. Currently, we're considering ways to reduce the difficulty of acquiring Legendary Guardians. Similar to the current summon system, we are developing a Mileage System for Dimension Shift so you can get a bonus reward from performing Dimension Shift and are considering additional ways for you to acquire 6★ Moria. We're also trying to find a solution for the issue of a Legendary Guardian one does not wish to acquire, certain Legendary Guardians or Legendary Guardians of a specific direction being acquired too often. In addition, we'll make a 6★ Legendary Moria available to help you Transcend Legendary Guardians more easily. We also hope to see all Legendary Guardians being used effectively by adding 6★ Legendary Moria.

    3. Legendary Guardian Balance
    Although we're testing and releasing the Legendary Guardians using our internal balance tool, it's difficult to thoroughly validate the synergy effects of the combination of Guardians. We'd like to let you know that we're looking for ways to improve this situation. As of now, we plan to increase the overall stats of all Legendary Guardians via future updates. You'll also be able to meet all-new Tahn and Haggy, the new Legendary Guardians to be added this month who have gotten much stronger!

    Thank you for playing Chain Strike in 2018 and we wish all of you a Happy New Year!

    (* Please note that the details written in the developer's note are still under development and may differ from the actual update. Please refer to the corresponding update notice for more info.)​