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Developer's Note - Episode 6

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  • Developer's Note - Episode 6

    Greetings from the Chain Strike Team!

    I hope you guys have been preparing ahead for the powerful World Bosses!
    To help you better prepare, we'll be making some improvements, so that you can upgrade your decks by using your Guardians effectively!
    Please read further for details!

    <Dimension Shift & Legendary Guardian Prologue - Guardians that went beyond dimension>
    Many Guardians tried to stop the Awakened Stars, but all failed and the world fell into chaos. In the meantime, one of the researchers who have been secretly conducting research on the power of Philias at the Institute of Dimensional Research leaked some confidential information.

    [If the Guardian who reached the stage of transcendence with the power of Philias becomes a sacrifice, he or she will be able to summon the existence beyond dimension. Also, if the Guardian is qualified, he or she will be able to go beyond dimension as well.]

    When the news spread, a number of Guardians who were willing to sacrifice in order to stop the apocalypse quickly volunteered at the institute.

    As three Guardians, who even transcended their own death, settled and began to cast a spell. Then, a red piece of Philias located in the center of the institute began to shine, and at the same time, the door of dimension started to open up slowly.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	1.png Views:	1 Size:	296.2 KB ID:	1835992

    Soon, a red-headed girl with a monster's arm walked out of the door.
    "Did you call me because you're afraid of death?"

    1. Legendary Guardian Details
    - As you can expect from the title, "Legendary", these Legendary Guardians have superior abilities. They not only have incredible stats but also have a 4th skill that no other Guardians have.
    - 4 new Legendary Guardians will be introduced to the game. 3 of them will be totally new Guardians and one will be a Guardian that's currently in the game but has exceeded his or her limit to become legendary.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2.png Views:	1 Size:	227.0 KB ID:	1835993

    <Legendary Guardian Skill Preview>

    [Dia] – Enraged Devil
    Attacks all enemies in the range 2 consecutive times and the last attack will deal tripled amount of damage.
    All of Dia's attacks will gain 1 AP whenever she defeats an enemy.
    [The effect activates only once per turn.]

    [Bergis] – Price of Eternity
    Consumes 50% of your current HP to revive all defeated allies with 10% HP.
    Gains immunity against inability effects when the battle begins and balances the HP Rate of all allies equally.
    [Automatic Effect]

    [Jörmungand] – Power of Ancient God
    Activates all allies and recovers all AP.

    [Lord Dragon] – Dragon's Fury
    Attacks the enemy 2 consecutive times randomly regardless of the movement range.
    [Activates Chain Strike with a 100% chance when used.]

    2. Acquiring Legendary Guardians
    - Legendary Guardians can be acquired via Dimension Shift.
    - There are two types of Legendary Guardians that can be earned via Dimension Shift.
    - Default Legendary Guardian: A new type of Legendary Guardians that didn't exist before.
    - Normal Legendary Guardian: Guardians that already exist but have overcome themselves.​

    3. Dimension Shift
    - Dimension Shift is a way of summoning a new being (Default Legendary Guardian) or a process of an existing Guardian exceeding one's limit (Normal Legendary Guardian).
    - Materials required for Dimension Shift differ by the type of the Legendary Guardian.

    Default Legendary Guardian:
    - Main Material: 1x Default 5★ Guardian (Awakened, Transcendence +2)
    - Sub-materials: 2x Default 5★ Guardians (Awakened, Evolved to 6★)

    Normal Legendary Guardian:
    - Main Material: 1x Default 5★ Guardian (Awakened, Transcendence +2) (The same type of Guardian as the summon target)
    - Sub-materials: 2x Default 5★ Guardians (Awakened, Evolved to 6★) (The same type of Guardian as the summon target)

    Legendary Skill Book:
    - You can get a Legendary Skill Book by combining 3 Normal Skill Books.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	7.png Views:	1 Size:	400.8 KB ID:	1835994

    4. Powering Up Legendary Guardians
    - The power-up process is the same as before, but it requires more EXP.

    - Along with Dimension Crystals and Stones of the corresponding direction, you'll also need Legendary Fragments which can be purchased at the World Boss Shop. Instead of Gold, Soul Stones are used as currency.

    - You need the same Legendary Guardian and Legendary Fragments to transcend a Legendary Guardian. Instead of Gold, Soul Stones are used as currency.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	8.png Views:	1 Size:	258.7 KB ID:	1835995

    5. Legendary Fragments and Soul Stones
    Legendary Fragment:
    - You can purchase Legendary Fragments with Star Pieces which can be acquired from World Boss Battles.

    Soul Stone:
    - You can earn Soul Stones by converting default 3~5★ Guardians.

    (There will be a new Shop where Soul Stones are used to purchase items. You'll also be able to buy rare items such as a Book of Ancient Dimension that gives you a default 5★ Guardian at this Shop!)
    Click image for larger version  Name:	9.png Views:	1 Size:	583.4 KB ID:	1835996

    We've briefly covered new content to be added, including Legendary Guardians and Dimension Shift system.

    I hope this developer's note was helpful to you all.
    Also, we'll be holding an event where you can get 10 Books of Mystical Dimension every day up to 10 times!
    Summon awesome Guardians and get ready to check out new systems to be introduced to the game​

    (* Please note that the details written in the developer's note are still under development and may differ from the actual update. Please refer to the corresponding update notice for more info.)​
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