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Developer's Note - Episode 3

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  • Developer's Note - Episode 3

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    Greetings from the Chain Strike Team!

    As we've mentioned in the previous developer's note, we've recently updated the game to improve user convenience based on your feedback.
    We'll keep monitoring the game to improve the game gradually, and for now, we'd like to inform you about the new content to be added to the game.
    Let's find out more about the upcoming major update!

    World Boss has appeared in Chain Strike!

    World Boss is a PvE content where battle results of all users are shared across the server.
    We plan to give each of the World Bosses unique traits so that they cannot be defeated with ordinary attacks.
    For instance, they might constantly steal beneficial effects of your Guardians and expose their weak points whenever you meet specific conditions.
    With this new World Boss content, we hope to encourage more competition amongst players and provide users with ways to use as many Guardians as possible.

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Name:	수정됨_worldboss_2_1541645747.png
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    <Illustration concept of a World Boss currently under development>

    To give you more news, we'll be introducing a new costume system!

    We've seen a lot of positive feedbacks regarding Guardians dressed up in Halloween costumes.
    We also thought that it would be better to give little changes to the Guardian characters in the game and not just through illustrations shared in the community.
    On that note, we're currently preparing a new system that can change the Guardians' appearance.
    Basically, you'll be able to select the appearance of each Guardian (between unawakened version vs. awakened version) and new costume items will be available every season so you can change the concept of the Guardian.
    We hope you enjoy this little addition to the game!

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Name:	수정됨_costume_1_1541645772.png
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    <Costumes currently under development – Illustration concept of Artemis>

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Name:	수정됨_costume_2_1541645782.png
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    <Costumes currently under development – Illustration concept of Hwaryong>

    We've been keep monitoring the game to find features or UI that can be improved convenience-wise. We're also aware of the need of the Guardian balance patch which has been constantly being mentioned.
    We'll try our best to improve the game to satisfy as many users as possible and we once again thank all of you for your comments and concerns about the game.


    (* Please note that the details written in the developer's note are still under development and may differ from the actual update. Please refer to the corresponding update notice for more info.)