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Special Skills - Utility of Them

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  • Special Skills - Utility of Them

    This echos a bit what was mentioned in a previous thread, and adds a couple of suggestions.

    First, I understand the skills are random once hitting the target area, but it seems harsh in a match when one player receives one of the more useful skills (e.g. Wormhole, Black Hole, or Rocket Shot) and the other player gets Windbreaker...especially if the wind is very light and hardly needed. Once reaching Silver level, losing a star or rank because of this particular RNG seems unfair when the match should come down to skill.

    Either give both players the same skill, or allow us to choose which we want...even if it costs gold (but not crystals).

    Second, both the Backspin and Tornado skills seems to have little practical utility. The former is really only good if the green falls off dramatically behind the hole, and the latter seems to do more harm than good if I've aimed my shot properly, factoring for elevation, slope, and wind.

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    Hi Qetesh,

    Thank you for the feedback! I will deliver this to our development team for consideration.

    Thank you for your support!