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Powerup/combine system rebalance

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  • Powerup/combine system rebalance

    From what I have played, the power up system seems the most unfair in terms of what happens if you fail an upgrade.

    Currently it is set up so as long as you get continue to succeed in upgrading gear, you are fine, but when you fail, it is a tedious task to do since you have to get the same gear with the exact upgrade level which is not terrible in some of the early stars, but it is nearly impossible to do with higher upgrade levels with rarer gear.

    A few fixes could do wonders. One suggestion could be removing the combine feature entirely and adjust the rates of success per upgrade level instead so if you fail, you can just try again without needing to find another piece of gear to combine it with.

    Another suggestion if removing the combine feature is too much is introducing special gear pieces of each rarity and possibly each moon upgrade level with each rarity if just rarity is too kind. They can substitute for the gear requirement and will work normally as regular gear when combining. This will allow players to save the hassle of needing to waste time and resources in order to continue upgrading. There can even be a special gear that works with any rarity and moon upgrade level.

    I would imagine the special gear will be an event/competition reward in small amounts and end of season rewards in large amounts to incentivize players to reach higher tiers or continue playing, but not too exclusive that will drive players away if it feels that players must pay real cash in order to obtain these rewards at a diminishing level the more money spent.

    Other general changes would be like better indicating where to get equipment combine scrolls since I had no idea even after the tutorial. Other than that, that's all the immediate flaws for this system. Thanks in advance for reading this post!

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    Hi Kaikun,

    Thank you for the great feedback! I'll deliver this to our dev team for consideration.

    Thank you for your support!