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  • Tournament Mode Guide

    Hi golfers,

    Here, we're going to introduce you to Tournament Mode!

    In Tournament Mode, you'll be trying to post the lowest score you can in an asynchronous 5-hole match against all players who enter. You'll have 3 chances to post your highest score, but be careful; your final attempt will be the score that's posted!

    From the Tournament Mode menu, you can:

    1. Tap the Enter Tournament button to begin playing Tournament Mode.

    2. Tap the Tournament Ranking button to view the Leaderboard. Also, you can scroll through the rewards for the top performers.

    3.Tap the numbers at the bottom of the screen to preview the 5 holes you'll be playing in Tournament Mode. Each time you tap a number, the map displayed on the left will switch to the corresponding hole.

    4. Tap the button to the left of the numbers at the bottom of the screen to select which characters you'd like to participate in the tournament. You may have up to 3 characters participate in the tournament each attempt, with each character alternating holes.

    *Please note that these screenshots are from alpha builds and may be different at launch