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Entrepreneurs share pain and school lessons

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  • Entrepreneurs share pain and school lessons

    The talk held interesting questions about the lessons of failure, success as well as valuable experiences and experiences in business activities. Answering the question if starting a business now, Mr. Pham Dinh Doan shared: Before starting a business, he was very "rural" but had many opportunities. "Now, I will work as a hired employee, if I have a good job, I will still buy shares. Mr. Thai also said that Vietnam currently has very few world-class managers and consultants and large enterprises hire foreign experts. 2 player games
    Other young entrepreneurs who wonder about business development should vertical or horizontal across many industries, what to pay attention to?
    From two major failures of himself, Mr. Le Vinh Son said that young people do not have enough experience so it is easy to make mistakes. If you pay the price and stand up, there's more lessons. Son Ha still wanted to develop but eventually went where he left or just went on stage. Look to other successful businesses in expanding their fields and industries. According to Mr. Son, when he is strong, he stretches his shoulders and moves into another field. If the main system has a strong core investment sector and a horizontal turnaround if failure does not affect it then expand.
    Mr. Nguyen Duc Thanh also said that expanding the field is essential, but when there are two conditions, it is possible to manage many fields and free money.
    In addition, the speakers also advise young entrepreneurs to focus their energy and time on administration, business development and business activities instead of spending a lot of time on the golf course. .

    The seminar "Business lessons - pain is not easy to share" is an activity in the framework of the Young Entrepreneurs Night 2018 program organized by Hanoi Young Business Association (HANOIBA) on the evening of January 11. The event is also an opportunity for the Association to summarize, review the activities in 2018 and set out the direction for activities in 2019.
    With a new and unique idea, this year's Young Entrepreneurs' Night program with the theme "Mission Impossible". Through the images of the spies who have to overcome many difficulties to complete the task, HANOIBA reports the achievements that the Association has achieved in 2018 as well as missions in 2019.

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    Will you be having the seminar this 2020? I'm a small entrepreneur and I want to learn more with this craft.
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