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  • Date for Official Launch?

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the CBT, and will be sad to see it end shortly.
    I know some games launch almost immediately afterward, whilst other take months.
    I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping it's sooner rather than later, especially since the server stabilised nicely last week, and there don't seem to be any glaring or game-breaking bugs in this build.

    Birdie Crush has quickly become one of my favourite games, and I'm keen to restart my team's career as soon as possible.

    So, any official timetable? Will there be subsequent tests as well?
    (I apologise in advance if this information is posted elsewhere. I looked about but didn't see anything.)

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    Hi Qetesh,

    In terms of an official launch date or subsequent tests, nothing is finalized at this point. Please stay tunes to our forums and official Facebook page for further updates!

    Thank you for your support!



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      So this means the beta is over and they're working on the release? Because I am just getting "We're under maintenance" and been that for a couple of days now =)


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        Não vejo a hora que lança logo birdie crush, pena que não tem hora marcada pro lançamento.
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          When it comes, it's fun game and I like to play it


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            Still no updates?


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              Game is dead people. 7 months with no word, no updates, nothing. Sad, it was fun. Guess it didn't have enough popularity for Com2us.


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                How can it not have enough popularity if it doesn't even release? I'm hoping they are working on it and adding more content for 1.0