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Cbt data will be erased?

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  • Cbt data will be erased?

    Like the title says, i would like to know if data will be erased. I sent message to birdie crush FB when beta released but no answer so far.

    Thank you :3

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    They haven't officially (as far as I know of) said that the account would be wiped but, from my experience with other games they've done closed beta for (like Chain Strike) the account usually gets deleted on official launch. Plus on the Birdie Crush site under event, there's a part at the bottom that states "[Please Note] *To receive the rewards, please make sure to create a character within 2 weeks from the official launch using the HIVE account you used to sign up for the beta test."


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      Yeah.. i saw that. It was just to make sure.
      since this beta was kinda big. 2 till 14th. So much progress to loose ​​​​​​​


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        Hi golfers,

        Your CBT data will not be retained for launch. But you will receive rewards upon launch by creating a character using the same HIVE account used during the CBT.

        I hope this helps! Thank you for your support!