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Can't get passed "Check In" screen after tutorial

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  • Can't get passed "Check In" screen after tutorial

    I cannot get passed the "check in" screen after completing the guided tutorial (appears after being spammed with game news). I cannot collect the day 1 reward (1000 coins) or use the X to close check in screen, even after restarting the game and restarting my phone. My only option is to close the game and not play
    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with all game permissions allowed

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    Hi wrxnoodle,

    This was occurring for me this morning as well. From what I've experienced, the X button won't work the first time you attempt to dismiss it, but you should still be able to dismiss the Check-in popup using your device's "Back" button.

    After receiving my check-in reward, the X seems to work for me without issue on subsequent launches. Please let me know if this works for you!

    I'll report this issue to our development team so that they may fix it asap! Thank you for your support!



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      Yes! This worked! Just needed to do that the first time, works flawlessly after. Thank you!