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Weird Bug or Potential Cheater + Golf Lesson Bug

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  • Weird Bug or Potential Cheater + Golf Lesson Bug

    Hi Com2uS,

    Yesterday I played a Live Match VS game and lost it in a very weird way.

    Story : I won the first hole. On the second hole, after playing my tee shot, I get a server error message with a countdown, trying to reconnect. My connection was fine but whatever, before the end of the countdown the message disappeared and I apparently lost the hole because of this. On the 3rd and deciding hole, I play my shot and I'm able to watch my opponent playing his. This is the weird part : he aimed on purpose really far from the hole, into the woods, and ended up 272.1m away from it, but he won. I of course took a picture which is linked to this post. I think this is a game breaking bug that should be looked into ASAP.

    There's also a second bug I'd like to report here :

    In the Golf Lessons tab, in Basic Lesson, the lessons "Bunker Shot", "Bounce", and "Approach" aren't tagged as cleared after doing them, after relaunching the game. I tried doing them 3 times to make sure of it and it did repeat itself. Picture also linked.

    Thanks Com2uS for this very promising game.

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    Hi Aeodo,

    Thank you for the info! I'll report the issues you described to our developers so that they may fix it as soon as possible.

    Would you be able to provide some additional info?

    - What device model are you using to play the game?
    - OS version

    Thank you for your support!



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      Sure !

      I play on a ONEPLUS A3003 using Android 8.0.0 and OxygenOS 5.0.5


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        I can confirm with my own experience the fact that the final three basic lessons "Bunker Shot","Bounce" and "Approach" seem to reset, even after clearing them more than once. I've installed the game on several devices (including an ASUS ZenPad and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge), all with at least Android 7.0