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  • Cheater + Bug

    Hi There,

    hope this is the place for this

    got two Issues...

    1, got owned by a cheater who scored an Eagle on a par for and it didnt tell me What they got in round two as i was still on the fairway and it just said you lose.
    now i can understand a bit of luck in round 1 but its unbelievable in round 2
    the user was CLUB(three Symbols) (see attached screenshot)

    2, i gained the Eagle achievement on google games for my opponent gaining the achievement?

    Many thanks in advance
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    Hi XZ3_R0X,

    Can you clarify your first issue for me? I'm not really understanding what you're describing.

    I've reported your second issue to our developers to be fixed as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your support!



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      Thanks ZenithAngler,

      the First issue was What appeared to be a cheater,
      i have played a fair bit of this game now and i still think that the Rate at which they won each round was unreal,
      he had both wins before my second shot.had finished playing out.
      i would appreciate if you looked into it?

      Many thanks