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Introducing Erin G Bridd!

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  • Introducing Erin G Bridd!

    Let's get to know our playable characters, shall we? Introducing Erin G. Bridd!

    Erin lives with her dad who is the manager at a country club. She's a beloved child of her father, and always has a bright and positive personality. She likes any kinds of sweets including chocolate, candy, cakes, puddings, macaroons, etc.

    "Sweets are always right!"

    She was never interested in golf until she watched a live match of Martina Glow, a famous golfer, and now she dreams of becoming a star golfer just like her.

    "I have a new dream! I'm going to be a stunning golf star that shines on the field!"

    To all participants, we hope you're enjoying the Birdie Crush CBT!