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  • Disagreement

    Gentlemen that Com2Us this is a message for the Developers Please not only me but what they did in The last update is fatal Please eliminate that from the Challenge R is very illogical and does not make any sense to return to the version of before otherwise well just about the R Challenge, that's not fatal, please. Thank you. Thanks

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    On top of that. The changing of map damage to map big fish ruined everything thing we worked hard for on gears and pearls.


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      I agree. This update is a disaster and seems to be universally hated by the many players I have talked to in my guild. Completely changing the BF % system completely changed the game and the hundreds of hours and many in game cash we have used to upgrade our gear has been wasted. Changing properties of our gear that we spent so much time to upgrade is ridiculous. To make it worse we can't even reset this gear to try and get the new most desirable perks as Titan gear cannot be reset or change properties. This means I have 2 sets of Titan gear that took months to years to earn that are now stuck with useless properties making the gear almost worthless. This update tried to fix things about this game that weren't broken when it could have addressed other features like crafting and KOF gear which has already become stale even though it is a more recent addition.


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        Sorry my last reply was so negative because I really do appreciate that the developers are trying to keep this game interesting and fresh but that shouldn't be done like this.... By ruining all of the progress we dedicated players have made already.


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          If they fixed the problems that where in the game before the update and released the 3 rd Iceland hidden. Everyone one would be happy and no issues. Now they throw out this update out with out fully understanding their own game as to how many gears and pearls every one worked on for damage only would be ruined and now useless. They just need to restore all gear and pearls back where they where before the update. Then fire the dump ass developer that decide to rob us of our hard work for damage gear and pearls.