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Taking away map damage and making it map bf

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  • Taking away map damage and making it map bf

    Here is a easy solution to the problem your developers created. Change back map damage back as it was on every players pearls and gear. Make Another property of map big fish to be the players choice whether they want it or not on gear or a pearl to keep. When we made gear and pearls it was ur choice and work to decide if we wanted it. You have totally taken that choice away when u made this change. Your going to loose a lot of long time and short time player that are working hard to improve and you have now taken that a way.

    You have literally slapped us in the face with what you have done this time. As a longtime player of this game I'm totally ashamed of ur actions and non caring of players of this game. Everyone works hard on their accounts all these year and this is how you repay us. But you continue to let cheaters and autoplayer play in this game. Says a lot about who you really care about.

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    Completely agree. Changing our gear properties that we have invested so much in is RIDICULOUS. I could see making all future gear properties different but not changing what we have already worked for. Titan gear has to be able to be reset or properties changed since there have been such big changes made with properties. These are some suggestions but the most simple solution would be to go back to the old system because I have never seen an update as universally hated as this one. I do appreciate that they are trying to keep the game fresh but this was not the way to do it.