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    So who has ever collected enough material to craft anything for doing battle with the king of fish. I play quite regularly and have 6 researchers that are sent n and out all the time all using upgraded equipment, and the most materials I have for anything is about 30 out of 191 units needed and there are at least three material needed. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but the crafting of material seems to been sorely broken or a complete waste of time.

    anyone have any pointers

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    You need to buy more researchers and equip with good gear (I have aqua blasts powered up to +7 or higher). They must be at least an "A" in the world they are sent to, in order to get good stuff. I currently have 13 and between them and the cherry blossom fish, I have been able to make the 2 star king of fish rod and reel. Also, the "Craft Materials" guild box has lots of goodies for the king gear that might help.


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      Hi guys just asking. Is it posible i can craft king rod stuff without spending money to this game? Thanks


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        Originally posted by Wapak1118 View Post
        Hi guys just asking. Is it posible i can craft king rod stuff without spending money to this game? Thanks
        Yes it is, researchers will pick up a lot if you have all 15 but events are the best way to collect the materials you need but you will need to wait for them, hard work but its possible to get 3* equipment from events. If the event requires collecting lures you will still be able to use lures after the event so collect as many as you can. The drop rates are not always great so you will need quite a lot, along with researchers it took me about 10k lures and i already had a 1* set. If you do have to rely on researchers get as many as you can and send them out often. I collect about 30-40 pieces per day from my 15 researchers which would see me with enough materials for a 1* rod and reel in about 6 weeks. To get 3* gear you will need the equivalent of 10 rods and reels plus materials picked up from normal fishing and secret spots. You will also need to use silver chest a lot for combination tickets for 2* and 3* equipment.

        Be aware of which type of rod and reel you want as the route you wish to take can't be changed once your on it. If you want to get a 1* damage rod you cannot use it as material to get a 2* defence or technique rod. Once you get to 2* you have to choose which way to go left side or right side. If you go down the left then you have to stay to the left and the same applies for going right. Plan your route as soon as you can because you cannot alter it without building up a fresh rod and reel.

        When putting out researchers make sure you try and put them into the higher maps but don't move them up until you can achieve the highest grade for that area or you will be sending them out for a longer time period for no reason, you might get a few extra skill stones but if you want craft materials then don't waste your time. Getting researchers into mariana is a good start and putting 5* event gear on them will be helpful too as you get the 3 pearl slots which is useful. You will need the event gear obtained from being medi level (72) and above, its equivalent to ungraded aquablast in power. If you have better gear to attach then go for it. If not use aquablast or lower 5* and 6* gear which has good damage until you can replace it or some other strong equipment like. Keep an eye on the damage required by each researcher too, not all equipment needs to be powered up to +10. When powering up gear for researchers then use basic gold power ups only, unless your an advanced player then that is the best way.

        If you want to get a good return of Premium Big Fish boosters then you will need to achieve S grade and above in medi map and above.

        Other players might have some other methods too which might be helpful, but this one has served me well. Its a bit OTT answer but i assumed by your question you were new to this side of the game.
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