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KoF gear and pearls.

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  • KoF gear and pearls.

    Long time player, first time poster. I guess my first question, is there an actual Com2 employee running these forums? Or are they player moderated? I have asked Com2 numerous times about KoF gear works, and typically get the same generic response that really doesn't answer anything.

    My real question is how pearls work with KoF gear. What would be the best pearls to equip? Since KoF gear has very low base damage, but high mysterious damage, how do pearls effect it. Do pearls only effect the base damage, or also the mysterious damage? If they only effect the base damage, it would seem logical to me to simply equip frank damage pearls to get that base damage as high as you can, percent damage would not have much effect since the base is so low.

    However, if the pearls have effect based on the mysterious damage, it would seem logical that percent damage pearls would have a much larger effect. The other question is, does large fish damage effect KoF? Are KoF considered "large" fish?

    Last question is more about the gear itself. I have heard both sides of this one. Do the properties of the gear effect the base or mysterious damage? Is it worth powering up with cash. The answer again would be no if the properties only effect the base damage, as it is so low as to have minimal effect. But if the properties effect the mysterious damage, it could have huge effect. Same goes for PSD and Yank, are they worth it on KoF?

    Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated. I have been a long time member of the FB page, but that is unofficial and mostly just peoples opinions. It would be nice to actually get some kind of "official" answer on this topic.

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    Hi RanMan,

    I am just a player and in no way affiliated with Com2Us...this is just my opinion from what I have experienced. I know you wanted something "official", but doubt you will ever get that.

    I have a 3 * KoF set and from what I have seen, you are exactly right in your assumption.

    The best type of pearls on your gear would be Frank (bonus damage) pearls. Comfortable (damage %) does not have a big impact because it is only a small % to the base damage of the gear and pearls do not affect the mysterious damage property. KoF are considered Large Fish, because that property is available when resetting KoF gear, but large fish damage pearls only add a small % of damage.

    The properties on both my rod and reel are YSD, PSD, and Large Fish damage and I did use advanced and/or premium power ups to get to +10. Between my rod and reel, the advanced power ups add 200% PSD, 100% YSD and 40% Additional large fish damage. All my pearls on that gear have at least 1000 bonus damage as well.

    Another thing that has a huge impact is accessories. Unless you are at 1200, that needs to be your major focus. Just one superboost, and you will notice a difference in your strength fighting KoF.

    Hope that helps! :-)