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iOS unable to make cash purchases from shops

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  • iOS unable to make cash purchases from shops

    i went to make a cash purchase for one of the shops. All I get is a white circle now. I have tried several different shop areas and all the same thing. It was working fine till you screwed with stuff.

    You do realize that there is a large portion of players that play on iOS. Your going to loose out on a lot of money, besides having us even more of us pissed off. If u put something out that we need to buy but only android players can the is real fair. U have a event that we can get extra bonus from. Well hard to do that on a iOS now. Fix the damn problems with iOS and start giving us compensation rewards for ur problems u created.

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    Hello Pete.88,

    Are you still experiencing this issue? If you can PM me with screenshots or additional details, I will forward these to the devs.

    Thank you.