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Iceland map 1 and 2 hidden fish, now unable to catch with out a retry

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  • Iceland map 1 and 2 hidden fish, now unable to catch with out a retry

    before this ridiculous map bf update, I was able to catch both hidden fish with out a retry in theses maps with a grade 2 Titan rod power up to 9 and a grade 4 reel Titan powered to 10 using se 2 line and just the 2 small damage booster.

    Now after the ridiculous map bf update.
    Powered up my grade 2 rod to 11but now has Iceland bf instead of Iceland damage, left the grade 4 reel at 10. Same line and boosters used as before update. Iceland map 1 hidden tried 3 hidden fish all had to be caught using a retry. This what this ridiculous update has caused to my damage gear to be able to fish for cash fish to advance in the game. So are your developers that screwed up and unable to know that adding map big fish to everyone's gear will ruin all damage gear and pearls. That players have paid for and worked on for months or years to improve there playing the game. Remove the ridiculous map big fish that was put on every one gears and pearls. Restoring them back as they where. Listen to what the ones paying to play this game and supporting you to feed ur families and pay your bills. As many players use real cash to play and upgrade gears.

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    The iceland hiddens are ridiculously strong in map 1 anyway, if you are a player and you hit iceland with hardly any thorns then your in trouble.

    As for damage change, i wouldn't mind so much but i have had to spend hours sorting out new temporary gear for battle, researchers because damage has screwed them up so had to drop some down a level and best pearls have had to be removed from all of my researcher gear because now it is needed for battle gear. Had to waste over 2k powering up temporary gear until i get decent replacememts. In battle it takes an age to change all gear and pearls because i have multiple areas on my big fish gear. In time i will need 1 for each area so that i can leave the pearls on.

    Why can't we have different coloured hearts so that it is easier to find the pearls we want without checking every pearl you have to make sure you have the right ones? i.e minnetonka pearls a blue heart, mariana a green heart and so on, our choice of course.


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      We should never. Had to deal with gear changing ,Pearl changing, make new gear and spending all this time to redo stuff. The need to something as the longer they stall the more problems it creates. They going to repay me the sgp gear, reset tickets , coral, game cash , gold , evolved bottles, tickets to power up , real cash for gear that I choose to make and keep to go to a Titan. which now cant be changed. Even if they add that to be able to change a prop. As with corals on a sgp. I should not have to be paying for what they ruined with the update