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  • v5.0.2 Update Notice

    Hello Anglers!

    Ace Fishing has been updated to v5.2.0!

    Please read below for more info.

    Update Details

    1. New King of Fish for Each Grade

    - The King of Fish will appear when you use 5★ Fish or King of Fish Lure as before.

    - The King of Fish grade (D-SR) will be determined according to the size grade (D-SR) of the caught 5★ fish.

    - The difficulty of the King of Fish will vary according to the King of Fish grade and better rewards will be available as the grade of the King of Fish increases.

    - King of Fish won't appear in versions below v.5.1.0.

    2. The MAX level of Accessories has been increased from Lv. 1,340 to Lv. 1,500.

    3. New Iceland King of Fish

    4. 3rd Fishing Spot of Bermuda Area, Bermuda Islands Open

    - The fish at the 3rd fishing spot will possess unique skills.

    5. New Bermuda Researchers

    6. Bermuda Area added to Relay Fish

    7. New Badge Transcendent Evolution & Disassembly

    - You can Transcendent Evolve 5★ Badges to acquire unique skills.

    - You can get Transcendent Evolution materials from disassembling Badges.

    8. User Convenience Improvements

    - The sorting function of equipment and Badges at My Tackle has been improved.

    - You can now check the equipment stats of the equipment that's registered at fishing preparation at My Info.

    - My Info UI has been improved.

    9. New Friend Pearl Reuse Function

    - The reset time of the Friend Pearl usage has been modified to 7am PST/8am PDT and you can use Corals and Cash to use the Friend's Pearl again.

    10. Error Fix

    - Fixed the error of the exchanged equipment's stats not being applied correctly when you exchange equipment while retrying.

    Please note that 1vs1 Real-time Match Update has been postponed to improve the quality of the content.

    We apologize for the delay of the update, and please stay tuned for the release of 1vs1 Match.