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  • v5.0.0 Update Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Please read below for more info on the v5.0.0 update.


    1. New Bermuda Triangle Area

    - The 1st and 2nd fishing spots of Bermuda Triangle has been opened.

    - Please note that area big fish properties do not exist for equipment and Pearls starting with Bermuda Triangle area.

    - The maximum level has been extended to 235.

    - The maximum accessory level has been extended to 1,340.

    2. Iceland Guild Battle, Tournament, Secret Fishing Spot Added

    - The Iceland map will be added to the Guild Battle, Tournament, and Secret Fishing Spot.

    3. Badge Upgrade

    - You can now upgrade Badges to 5★.

    - You can preview the available property when Evolving Badges regardless of the star grade and the property will be activated through Evolution.

    4. Pearl High-end Growth Ticket

    - A new ticket has been added which can be used to increase the success rate by additional 10% for Pearl High-end upgrade.

    5. Lower Level Fishing Spot Item Expansion

    - The farming areas will be expanded from 2 to 4 for lower level fishing spots.

    - The chances of acquiring items being lowered as the fishing spot's level decreases will remain the same.

    6. User Convenience Improvements

    - Badges added to Fishing Preparation.

    - The Fishing Preparation Icon will be shown on Pearls designated for Fishing Preparations.

    - You can now open Treasure Chests up to 100 times at once.

    - The location of the Close Button in Ashley's Shop has been changed.

    7. Error Resolutions

    - The issue of the exchange count not being displayed at the Exchange Shop has been resolved.

    - The issue of not being able to access the Guild Chat Tab has been resolved.

    8. Others

    - The main title screen has been changed.

    - News Pop-up has been modified.

    - The Guild Battle result and promotion pop-up have been deleted in the World Map.

    - The daily purchase limit will be displayed in the Exchange Shop of the Special Shop.

    - The MIN/MAX grade of Badge Package property will be displayed.

    - The details of some items that can't be refunded (Badge Package, Mysterious Package, etc.) will be displayed.

    - Relay Fish area update will end.

    * This will be replaced with 1vs1 match and the highest area will be the current Iceland area.

    Update your game to v5.0.0 to check out the new updates!