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  • World Championship Eliminator

    Idea for a new type of World Championship round - the Eliminator with each hole to be from a random course and hole.

    Start with 10 and eliminate worst score to the end of each hole (cumulative score). Where tied on score, keep best score on most recent hole, if still tied then longest hole out on most recent hole amongst tied scores is eliminated.

    If less than 10 are involved then first hole won't have an elimination and it continues without elimination at second if less than 9 entered and so on. If two players DC before they take a shot at the first then both eliminated and there is no elimination at the second hole.

    Would not include regular points system for this type of event, just strokes with most recent hole shot score and shortest hole out the tie breakers. Otherwise top performer could be eliminated at the first for being more talented than the rest in hitting the green.
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    Good plan, but if that is too much work, let's use the customized format, a 3 holes wc, 12 contesters, where shots are taken by turn, so every one will watch everyone's shot and if someone accidentally gets dc, he can try reconnect and finish the hole at the end of the line, that way you will create a lot of fun for everyone for at least one hour and the good thing is that it will hardly cost any consumables, of course the winds ( up to 12) and directions should differ for everyone, every shot and same thing goes for tees and pin positions, wouldn't it be fun if pin position was different after each shot, that would make it less predictable... Imo it would be the cherry on the cake for the season 8 update..


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      Hello Golfers,

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      Will forward the details over to the developers.

      Appreciate your contribution and efforts to making Golf Star great again.



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        And let's not forget the shot timer should be increased to 90 seconds.

        You guys are killin' me! Especially when Zenith says "Thanks for the suggestion! Will forward the details over to the developers."

        Hey ZenithAngler! In reality, we really really dislike watching other players take their shots. Anything that can be done to eliminate watching other people play their shots will be appreciated. This includes sitting on the green in Match mode watching someone chip around to collect points.


        • -Kalifornia-
          -Kalifornia- commented
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          I laugh when some people here think we are interested in watching their golfstar prowess. I could GAF

        • AL-wood-21
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          I concur, don’t like watching others play

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        Got it. Additional comments were forwarded.


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          I like the 90 seconds timer suggestion, and maybe the number of contestants can be doubled to 24, names listed on both sides of the screen, which makes it more of an challenge to make a good shot..


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            I truly enjoy your sarcasm. I get a good laugh out of most of it. I hope the developers do not take it seriously.