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    the survey which was created after the season 8 update has obviously finished now. There are lots of people in here and other online places saying the game is unplayable/boring/rigged etc. You always pass on our suggestions to the devs but nothing ever happens.

    can I ask, will we get to see the results of the survey? Will the devs tell you what changes they will implement, if any, in response to the survey? I'm waiting to see what happens and if it's nothing then I think I may call it a day like a lot of others. The guild I am in have gone from completing all missions to only just about managing 2 since the update, people are just not playing. So sad.

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    Do you not realise that for privacy reasons, they won't release the results of the survey!


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      Hello Golfers!

      Survey results and answers will not be disclosed to the public.

      They are specifically for the developers, so they can review the community's rating and consider the specific requests provided through the survey.

      The developers' response to the survey feedback can only be inferred through future changes and notices.

      I'll have the developers know that you would like a response to the feedback and requests made through the survey.



      • baknuchel
        baknuchel commented
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        So I assume if they do very little (as I expect will be the case), I can infer one of the following?
        1. I was one of very few who completed the survey
        2. Everyone loves version 8 except those posting here
        3. Developers couldn't be bothered
        4. Not enough time allocated to Golfstar
        5. Developers are delusional

      • ZenithAngler
        ZenithAngler commented
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        Hello baknuchel,

        There were 900+ participants who participated in the survey altogether including our other language community pages! This information is something I can share with you all.

        How you assess the future updates and the changes to come is up to you.
        I can't confirm any of the points you mentioned.

        All in all, I'm here to be of service to you, and Golf Star is too.

        If you're not satisfied, that's on us.
        I'll try my best and I can promise you the developers are trying too.

        Thank you for participating!


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      Well, main reason the survey won't come out public is probably because there wasn't much positive in the outcomes, but it would be a strong signal for the devs to share the outcome and admit, ok we screwed up big time on the update, and this is what we are planning to do to fix it....


      • confusedgolfer
        confusedgolfer commented
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        I'm not asking to know what Joe bloggs put for his answer so data protection isnt an issue here. It would be nice to know that 83% of 700 people who responded said the watches are an absolute joke or 92% of 700 people think the wind increase is totally believable and should be increased further.

        If the results of the survey show people are happy then fair play to the devs and they should be congratulated on a very good update, however, if the survey shows people are NOT happy then the devs should say we messed up and this is how we aim to fix it.

        Good or bad feedback should always be displayed and acted upon in an open manner, if they dont, what's the point in a survey, the devs could just say, blah blah, nearly 100% of people love the game, it's just that confusedgolfer fella who doesnt, he just has sour grapes because he isnt a finger golf God and cant win, that's why he said he doesnt like the watches.

      • ZenithAngler
        ZenithAngler commented
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        Hello confusedgolfer,

        Ohhhh, if we're only talking about perhaps the average overall rating for contents covered in the survey, I'm sure I can ask to see if that can be released to the community.

        I'll get back to you on this! I might need some time to get approval.

        Thanks for clarifying the suggestion!


      • H.H.Fury
        H.H.Fury commented
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        I'm trying to think of a time when you have gotten back to us. I'll get back to you on this! I might need some time.

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      Well update tomorrow shows signs of listening but I am not sure what they are listening to. It was Career Mode people were wanting back, so we get one hole matches. People didn't like changes to Match Tournament so apparently rewards increasing (possibly a glimmer of hope there) and they "improve" it by turning it I to another version of Match Challenge FFS. One of the positives of Match Tournament was more holes for a decent battle not decided solely by a missed long putt against an opponent who misses the green by 30 yards.


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        I hope they bring in the 1 hole tour feature soon..


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          How about a one-shot near-pin tour. Play 9 holes with 9 shots. Closest to the pin overall wins.