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How much would Com get from ads?

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  • How much would Com get from ads?

    Just wondering how much Com would get for each of the ads I watch in game?

    Is there more if I click on the ad? Is there more if I download an advertised app? If so, how much more? Also what about ads that are not for apps, do they get the same from them?

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    Pretty sure they get loaded with everyone clicking ads, as that's pretty much the only thing that gives items for little effort these days, pretty sure if there would be a boycot to watch ads, you might actually draw their attention, as it's their milking cow now, but asking people to boycott the 1 thing they get for ' free' with little effort, won't probably work, sure everyone will say, I'll join that boycott but 80-90% will still be clicking ads to get some free tickets anyway..


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      Looking for an actual figure per ad if someone has that info.