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  • Selling GolfStar account

    Hi everyone,
    I heard this was possible. Does anyone know how or where to do it? Unfortunately this latest update has lost me and want to move on from the game.
    Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Not on here!
    it is against terms and conditions to sell your account.


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      Can you give one away? Lol (half serious)

      even if you could sell it in a sneaky way, the way the game is now I doubt you’d have any takers unless it’s a super account with the expensive cash outfits and big stats at a reasonable price. All other accounts are worthless or near worthless now unless you find a new player who doesn’t realize this game is mostly trash now
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      • baknuchel
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        Giving it away would not breach terms and conditions. Even the super accounts look like they will be kneecapped with update this week including distance limiting. How to really piss off those who have put time effort and money into building a good account.

      • -Kalifornia-
        -Kalifornia- commented
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        I didn’t like long drives but I respected the right for people to invest time/money to get them. Now with the limits it makes you wonder why those people would chose to continue here. It’s like what they call a dead end job. No room for advancement. I’m glad I never spent big here because I know online stuff isn’t forever. But I do feel bad for people who have invested a lot and now are shafted

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      Its the usual crap bak. Everybody is moaning and no dev is listening. I'm on that poj t not to play any longer. Also i am scared about every pronounce of an update or maintenance.


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        Hello Golfers,

        It is a violation of the Terms of Service to sell accounts.

        Please note that any form of trading of accounts is a violation of the ToS.

        Thank you all and sorry to disappoint you.



        Update: the original response was edited.

        Link to Terms of Service:


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          Why Zenith? Scumbag company, com2us should be ashamed of themselves but what do they care. Absolute disgrace