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  • Bring back career mode

    Please bring back career mode, it was the perfect way for new players to get acquainted with the game, now new playersimmediately are forced into some competitive mode in which they stand no chance and probably will delete the game within a few days.. Besides that, a lot, and I mean really a lot of players just enjoyed playing career mode, no stress, no competition, no time limits and a good way to practice and try out new shots or try to get a personal best, or just, playing relaxed, I for one miss the playing relaxed part, the update was only good for the happy few, please bring back career mode..

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    Get this done, stop ruining our game please


    • Marc-y-marc
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      Glasses Jeff... :+)

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    Also, it was useful for mapping lower Ts.


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      Well, especially it was good for new users to get fun at the game (and old users who like a relaxing game :+)


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        Career Mode also good for where you don't have a reliable connection as you don't need worry about a DC.


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          Exactly, a relax mode..


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            Originally posted by Marc-y-marc View Post
            Exactly, a relax mode..
            Yes this. I’m not really up to the fast pace of match (I’m old lol). I don’t like the timer in mission but I can handle it as I can finish it in stages. Sometimes after work or a hard day you just don’t feel like a fast pace match against another player

            And I would spend some even playing casual as I do. If those use real cash outfits were a little cheaper instead of almost as much as a real life outfit I would have bought them to look nice even in career
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              I am really missing this, used to play at least 2 rounds a day just to relax, and you could point out to newbies how some courses and shots worked, and they could practice while getting rewards.. Only thing left to learn for new players is practice field, which gives no round rewards (GP) so it's fairly impossible to for them to learn and gain some GP for upgrade, which pretty much means they probably delete the game within a month from downloading it.. Seems like the purpose of this update was to hurt the game fatally and let it bleed to death, and while doing that to gain as much money as possible from the few enthusiasts who haven't realized that...


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                I agree with you Marc this update has done nothing to encourage new players please bring back the old career mode


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                  I don’t understand the reasoning for such a dramatic change to the game. Are they in really such dire financial state that they make you pay big money for pouches now, removed career and etc etc? Imagine being a new player. How do you learn? They’ll just walk away. No additional revenue there. I liked career to relax. It was also good if due to life circumstances if you couldn’t play for a month when you came back you could get refreshed on your skills

                  im so discouraged here. I’m hanging in there in hopes there will be a correction to what they’ve changed where at least it’s more user friendly. I don’t have much hope though. You try to do the right thing. You spent years building your player. You tried to be an honest player even though maybe that keeps you in lower ranking. But that means nothing now which is very hurtful
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                    Level up event for the players who joined in guess if new players joined in 2020 they already left again and if for some odd reason they stayed, where should they level up?? Playing and losing 1 hole matchchallenge.. Nothing left for new players, so without careermode, this level up event is a joke


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                      Survey from Com2us.. Please fill in and give your opinion..




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                        Clearly it wasn't enough to encourage ppl to quit by the changes in update 8, amongst others taking away career mode, now they also removed purple marker in career missions, where pin positions are sometimes undoable already.. Zenith, does Com really want as much ppl as possible to quit?


                        • baknuchel
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                          Probably don't want people to quit, just extremely incompetent person directing the changes to Golfstar who seems to think users will just accept a pay to win model being implemented. This person has clearly demonstrated no understanding of marketing a product and will have their greed destroy the game. Under present direction, this game has a maximum 3 months left before they will need to close it down

                        • ZenithAngler
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                          Hello Marc-y-marc,

                          As baknuchel mentioned, they probably do not want people to quit.

                          It's terrible to deliberately force people off the game.

                          I'll have the developers know about how you perceived their approach with the v8.0.0 update.

                          Thank you for your feedback.


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                        Mission career, I notice they have now removed the tracer guide, then put the ball behind trees, just to make sure you don’t get close, More Robbery


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                          POOF they are gone.

                          No warning, no 'Notice', no sit.

                          Gotta give kudos where they are due. Thanks for the week of reduced wait times to see the ads, I don't have to wait all day to collect the bare minimum.