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2020 72 hole tournament

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  • 2020 72 hole tournament

    Hello everyone!

    I'll be running a 4 day, 72 hole tournament for Golf Star February 6-9!
    This tournament is similar to real major golf tournaments like The Masters or The British Open.
    Players compete as individuals in a stroke play format (Golfstar points aren't counted), and there's a cut after the first 2 days.
    I've run 6 of these tournaments in the past. They've been very competitive and intense, and it's a great way to get to know others in the Golf Star community
    Also, this will be the first tournament with no-items!

    Signups are here!

    The tournament courses will be announced on February 3rd.

    To learn more about the tournament check out the About page.

    We have a Palringo (a chat app) channel for players, hosts and anyone interested in the tournament. The channel is called "golfstar tournament room".

    I'm also looking for tournament hosts. A host invites players in their group to play their tournament rounds, and then enters the scores into the app afterwards.

    If you'd like to sponsor a prize for the tournament, please let me know. You can read more about prizes on the Prize page on the site.

    Please post any questions you have. Looking forward to another great tournament!

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    A great Day 1 to the tournament is in the books! The courses for Day 1 were Sawgrass Out and In, both 4T. Can you believe these are all no-item scores?! The competition continues tomorrow with Day 2 rounds at Copa 4T and Rolling Hills 4T. The top 30 after tomorrow will make the cut and make it to the weekend. Good luck to all the competitors!
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      Another incredible day at the No-Item open! Amazing scores by our competitors, especially given the courses of Copa and Rolling Hills. As in real life major competitions, we have a cut that allows only the best players to continue playing through the weekend. For this tournament, the top 30 made the cut. Congratulations to them! Thank you to all of those that participated in the tournament, I'm really glad I was able to provide a no-item tournament for once.
      Day 3 continues with Aztec and Sequoia In, both 4T. I'll be streaming those matches on twitch at at 9am, 12pm, and 7:45pm PST. Hope to see you there!


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        The results after Day 2.


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          Another great Day 3 in the tournament as the players competed at Aztec and Sequoia In, both 4T, and again with no items. In incredibly challenging conditions we saw some amazing scores, including the -17 by samloverada at Aztec and a -17 by melse66 at Sequoia In. We're in for an very competitive final day with 5 players within a stroke of the lead! We have groups teeing off at 7am PST, 8:45am PST, 12pm PST, 2pm PST, and 8pm PST. You can check out the groups here: . I'll be streaming those last 4 matches at Good luck to the competitors!


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            The tournament has ended! On Day 4 our competitors played at Waikiki and Safari 4T, the toughest courses of the tournament. In the end, claywalker8 pulled through shooting a -24 on the final day to win by 3 strokes. Congratulations Clay! An incredible final day performance to separate himself from the pack. In second place there was a 4 way tie: mark.won, waldhof1907, melse66, and mhenrik. These players and many others showed us their short game skills to make up for the lack of items; it was an amazing to watch these players hit chips from all distances and angles.

            I'd like to thank the host and sponsors of the tournament that make this possible: mark.won, r1230, antonio51345, Sook6.9, GoNuts118,, and pfunnyjoy. It's a privilege to still be able to get our region of the golfstar community together for a fun tournament in a real golf format. Thank you all for another great tournament!


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              Thx to oreo and all others. Amazing and funny tournament. We shoukd make it 4 times a year i think. Players have amazing chipping skills. Great mode of play. Thank you very much