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[Community Event] Guild Spotlight (Nov. 20th~) (Ended- Prizes Sent!)

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  • [Community Event] Guild Spotlight (Nov. 20th~) (Ended- Prizes Sent!)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	191111_golf_800_en.png Views:	1 Size:	111.9 KB ID:	1876747

    Welcome back Golfers!

    The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Guilds which had the most participants for the Guild Spotlight Community Event were the following!!

    1st: SeminoleWind (9 participants)
    2nd: Britdrivers (5 participants)
    2nd: RedsTwo (5 participants)
    3rd: OmohLTD (3 participants)

    **Sadly, many of those who gave recognition to these guilds had not participated in the google form submission and were not eligible for prizes. Duplicate submissions did not count.

    The participants from these guilds will receive the prizes by Nov. 29th along with the Participation Prizes.

    Congratulations to those who found new guilds during this event! You'll also have your additional prizes sent along with the participation prizes by

    See you all again in a future event!


    Participation Prizes : 20 Perfect Zone Drinks
    3rd Place : 20 Tee Shot Guides + Participation prizes
    2nd Place : 20 Tee Shot Guides + 20 Putting Guides + Participation prizes
    1st Place : 20 Tee Shot Guides + 20 Putting Guides + 2 VIP Lucky Coupons + Participation prizes
    Additional prizes for joining a guild : 15 Putting Guides


    Hello Golfers,

    The event has now ended.
    Please wait for your prizes to be sent to your inbox by Nov. 29th.

    The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Guilds that participated will be announced sometime before the 29th!

    Thank you all for your interest and participation!


    Greeting Golfers!

    Apologies for the delayed opening on this community page! (Officially opened up on the 20th 15:55 PST)

    Time to give your guild some recognition and a chance to promote your guild!

    Leave a comment about your guild or guild member and receive prizes!
    If you don't have a guild, don't be shy tell us why to receive participation prizes.
    If you join a guild during this event, resubmit your google form mentioning your guild and receive additional prizes.

    PARTICIPATION prizes for everyone!
    ADDITIONAL prizes for non-guildies who joined a guild during the event!
    SPECIAL prizes for being a TOP 3 GUILD!
    (Prizes include: Perfect Zone Drinks for all, Putting Guides, and more)

    1. Leave a comment (Keep it positive! )
    2. Send us your account info to receive prizes. (Google form link:

    ✉✉✉✉ Prizes will be sent out by Nov. 29th to your inbox. ✉✉✉✉

    SPECIAL PRIZES will be given to the TOP 3 GUILDS with the most event participants!!
    ➤Get your other guildmates to join in!
    ➤Provide correct information to ensure your participation
    ➤Only guildmates who participated are eligible for special prizes.
    ➤Counted from both this forum post and the facebook post.

    Check out this event in the other languages provided below:

    Check out the other comments left on the ✈ Facebook post

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    Relentless is my guild and KT831 is a rockstar.
    username: mig0001


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      First (or actually second) comment? And this has been posted 7 days? Hmmmm... I predict an overall low rate of participation.

      PS: Anything related to or involves Fakebook, I avoid at all costs. Also, not giving rewards/prizes in-game and also, participating folks having to provide more data/spend time completing forms, etc. just adds confusion & takes up too much time (IMHO).

      Golfstar is already one of the slowest games I've ever played (the menus/user interface, etc). Yes, it has improved (ex. the 'Roulette wheel' is now measurably faster), but anything (such as this contest) that requires a lot of time is a bad idea.

      Other than that, it sounds fairly confusing. Just my 2¢.
      Last edited by jmdubya; 11-20-2019, 07:19 PM.


      • ZenithAngler
        ZenithAngler commented
        Editing a comment
        Hello jmdubya,

        The event was approved and officially started on Nov. 20th 15:55 PST.

        Participation through Facebook is NOT necessary~
        The same event is being held on our other English community base which is on Facebook as well.

        Please read the details to complete participation.

        A reminder of requirements:

        1. Comment on this event post on our forum.
        2. Fill out the Google Form.

        Thank you and sorry if the requirements were confusing.

        Edited portion below

        Just noticed the edits on your post!

        Thanks for your feedback on the game and the community event.

        I'll have the game feedback relayed to the developers!

        Response about community events and how information is retrieved:
        Still trying to work on a more convenient method!
        Hoping to make it more convenient in future community events, but, as it is a community event, we do tend to bring the in-game users outside of the game to our community boards.

        Mostly in hopes to help build a more lively Golf Star community base within the game on a somewhat open communication platform.
        It's also nice to be able to give back (most likely not enough, but something at least) to the Golf Star community for all the support and patience you all have been giving.


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      Wow, I wish COM was this quick to respond to my queries, etc. Thanks Zenith.

      PS: Regarding the 7 days comment, I was going by the date seen on your original post:

      11-13-019, 01:56 AM
      Last edited by jmdubya; 11-20-2019, 07:19 PM.


      • ZenithAngler
        ZenithAngler commented
        Editing a comment
        Hello @jmdubya

        Yes, I noticed that as well! I usually have a draft post prepared for future posts until approval!

        Will take note of that in the future though. Thanks for the heads up!

        Hope you'll participate in this event and take some prizes~


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      ***OmohLTD*** a most awesome group of maverick, misfit, malcontent, non-blood lust, pizza slingin', music lovin', sharing, caring, compassionate, fun lovin', talented, International Men and Women of Intrigue, to ever set foot on a 2 dimensional electronic image of a golf course!!!

      Founded by Jazzman and T_Bone, this band of merry marauders has battled and pillaged it's way to mediocrity and we are OK with that!!! After all, it IS just a game, although others that play this game seem to have become a bit more emotionally invested . We are very talented from top to bottom...oh, and we play Golfstar too!

      Currently, all the rooms at the Inn are filled, but you just never know when we'll need someone that will pass the muster to be a member of this elite group!!! (fun and able to prep/battle with some degree of reliability)

      Good golf to you ALL!!!
      Proprietor and Grand Exhausted Poobah


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        Footwedgers is our guild, formerly AARP! Neil Riordan is our fearless leader!!


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          Apollo guild is the wave of the future. Lead by our fearless leader Allison.D this team who enjoys each other’s company and plays hard for its members and makes this game enjoyable.


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            T_bone55 started OmohLTD on a suggestion from me (jazzman22) and the clan took shape. We have a family like atmosphere with quality, down to earth, humble and friendly people.


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              My Guild is OmohLTD. Our Captain is T_bone55. I've been with this Guild for a few years now. The guild has grown during these years with a FANTASTIC crew of members who have each others backs. Jazzman22, one of the founding members, says it best when he states we have a very family atmosphere where it feels like very member genuinely cares for each other...and razzes each other almost to death! We're eclectic, electric, and very competitive! I'm actually quite thankful for Com2Us for creating this GolfStar app because of being with this wonderful crew of Misfit Toys! My name is Laurose (and I endorse this product...LOL!)


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                MaxDaddys is a guild formed from merger of PuffnPutt and Tallywackers and is a great group battling at 30 players. Looking to reach Star League shortly.


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                  CRUSADERS.. excellent guild. Currently have 37 members. Always taking in new active players (experienced and not so experienced). You will need a KiK account to join in the banter.

                  Interested in joining? Mail our leader in GS: K-Vincent