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Ice Cream Prize Ticket Event Winner Announcement

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  • Ice Cream Prize Ticket Event Winner Announcement

    Hello Golfers!

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the Ice Cream Prize Ticket Event that was held after the Jun. 19th maintenance until the Jul. 10th maintenance!

    Please see the list below of the lucky winners. (Winners' HIVE ID will be listed.)

    [Winners List]

    * The rewards will be sent to the Inbox on Jul. 17th.

    * A winner list for the guaranteed rewards won't be provided as the rewards were sent to the Inbox instantly upon exchange.

    Congrats to all winners!

    And those of you who didn't win this time, don't be so disappointed because we'll be back with more exciting events.

    Thank you.

  • #2
    How exactly are these winners chosen?
    It is noticeable that a few users seem to win each time there is one of these events so I am guessing it is not simply a random draw.


    • Jeff.lalala
      Jeff.lalala commented
      Editing a comment
      I believe the winners are the people with the most entrants

    • baknuchel
      baknuchel commented
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      Jeff that would be possible with the repeat winners but if it is then Com2 would be extremely misleading in the way they promote it and there would be no luck in it. Would not surprise me if taken from leaderboards.

    • Benzfan
      Benzfan commented
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      I believe 80% of the winners are asian.

  • #3
    It does not state actual time on the 17th... when can winners expect to see them? Or does it come with the maintenance tonight?