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Hidden Hero - Synthesis for Contributions

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  • Hidden Hero - Synthesis for Contributions

    Have Com gone completely off their rockers? What ignoramus does it take to set Synthesis as the contribution requirement for Hidden Hero?

    So what will be the next round challenge? Condors on par 4s maybe?
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    Baknuc! Think you should post your Com2 Brain cell synthesis comment too! They’re continue to prove to everyone they don’t have an active brain cell to share between the whole Dev Team!
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      Couldn’t agree more what a fawking joke


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        4400 stars for the synthesis packages they put up this week, you're all set. Must need money for a new game or something. They have been getting cheap on payouts since they started the match challenge in daily mission b.s. ! 1 contribution for WC and now this crap. Can't wait to see the next challenge. Speaking of the WC contribution, I guess they blocked out newbies below Professional from being able to contribute at all???
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          So here is the hot tip. If you synthesise all the developer brain cells you get 1 low end Regular brain cell and 1 Hidden Hero contribution.


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