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Guild Spotlight Community Event! (Ended)

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  • Guild Spotlight Community Event! (Ended)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ENGSF EVT-19' June Guild Spotlight FR.jpg Views:	1 Size:	45.0 KB ID:	1864496

    Dear Golfers,

    Thank you all for your participation. The rewards were all sent out! You should've been able to find them in your inbox starting from the 11th. If you did not, please contact the Support Team.

    Link to contact the Support Team:

    ================================================== ========

    Hello Golfers!

    We're back with a new community event!

    Some of the best bonds formed between golfers in Golf Star come from being part of an awesome guild.

    Let's take this time to shine the spotlight on our guild and get rewards!

    Don't worry if you are not in a guild, leave a reason and gain participation rewards. Sadly, you won't be able to get Bonus Rewards, but perhaps you can find one to join during the event period!

    Event Details:

    1. Tell us something great about your Guild or Guild Member!

    2. Bonus rewards are given to guild members who participate in this event with their fellow guild members!

    ★Bonus Reward Conditions:
    *Must have at least 1 other fellow guild member mention your guild, so all participants from your guild can receive bonus rewards!

    Event Period:

    Jun. 26th 00:00 ~ Jul. 8th 23:59 PDT (13 days)

    Event Rewards:

    Participation Rewards: 2 VIP Lucky Coupons

    ★Bonus rewards: 10 Putting Guides
    *Given out only one time if conditions are met.

    ★★Rewards will be sent out within 1 week after the event ends.★★

    Participate here:

    - Must provide the correct Hive ID and Guild name to receive rewards.
    - Submissions after Jul. 8th 23:59 PDT will not be accepted.
    - One guild mention per account. You must be in the guild. We'll have another time to give recognition to other guilds in the future!
    - Submissions are accepted only through Google Forms. Comment submissions will not be considered for the event.
    - Multiple submissions will not be accepted. Your last submission will be the one considered for the event.

    **Feel free to promote your guild here by commenting below or on our Golf Star Guild Recruitment Forum Board (!

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    Nah..GOOGLE is evil.!
    They collect too much info and sell it. Then you get flooded with crap emails.

    Keep yer 2 stinkin cards, win crap prizes with them anyhow.!


    • ZenithAngler
      ZenithAngler commented
      Editing a comment
      Hello @SPIKERSHOTT,

      Oh no! Perhaps, you would reconsider if you were not required to log into a google account? I've just changed the settings on the Google Form and made it possible to submit answers without having to log into Google. The only email you would receive would be a copy of your answers submitted into the Google Form.


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    Dear Golfers,

    Thank you to all those who participated in the Guild Spotlight Event!

    While I was reading through the heart-warming submissions, I was reminded once again how wonderful and precious our Golf Star community is. It's lovely to see such wonderful guilds be formed within Golf Star.

    I hope that, in the future, there will be more guilds like the ones you've mentioned as our community grows.

    The rewards will be sent out this week to your inbox. I'll update this post when they've been sent out!

    Hope to see you again, and thank you for all the participants despite the distressing recent events.

    Let's get back on the course for a quick hole!