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Hole 7 kiki t2 is wrecked

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  • Hole 7 kiki t2 is wrecked

    Untill 2 weeks ago it was no problem to shoot direct on the green with a high shot on kiki hole 7 t2. I dont know what you have changed but change it back please, because its not possible anymore.

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    Did you get a nice watch? The watches alter the physics. Also, you might have gained significant stats that also changes the trajectory of shots.


    • RicBernard
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      Comparing what goes on in this game to a science?

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      Simply, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that there is a natural tendency of any isolated system to degenerate into a more disordered state.

      My modified form of Newton's 3rd Law as it relates to software development: For every new feature implemented, there are two or more bugs created.

      It all boils down to science until science can no longer explain it. Then, it becomes magic; in some cases bad magic.

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    Science? Gee, I thought we were playing goofy golf as programmed by the Mad Hatter...


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      The ball doesnt go over the cliff anymore with a high shot, my watch nor my stats help me with that. It was fine untill the update from 2 weeks ago. Together with my dodgy powerbar ( which nobody seems to care about at com ) this game is a joke more and mire!


      • baknuchel
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        Pitch shot underneath. Usually have to do 96% or less. More accurate than high shot anyway

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      You probably gained distance..


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        Hello Golfers,

        If you would like your account checked for any issues regarding the stats or perhaps an issue you are seeing in the game when playing, please contact the Support Team.

        Certain occurrences may be happening specifically on your account, and developers will need to work with the Support Team to assist you closely.

        Link to the Support Team: