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Card draw is a joke.. No, really, it's an insult..

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  • Card draw is a joke.. No, really, it's an insult..

    Card draw is a joke...!!!
    Actually it's more of an insult to longtime faithful players who've payed their fair share in the past to improve in the game, of which lots payed real money to get stars to get a VIP membership, ao for the card draw and now, if they don't play 10 hours 1:1 matches a day (and have to win quite a few more than lose) they are given the biggest useless crap available, I mean such 'regular' worthless crap that it even wouldn't be useful to someone who is new and just downloaded the game, not that that matters, because with taking away career mode there is really no reason why any new players should stay as they have zero chance to learn and develop, but to the faithful longtime players, really it's an insult, don't even mention the 100 stars for another draw of crap

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    Exactly. This is why I’ve pretty much stopped playing. After years and years of loyal playing, I am now back to flipping rubbish. An insult.

    Of all the season 8 abominations, this is the worst.


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      Wouldn't say the worst, besides taking away playing tour at yr own level, taking away career mode for relaxed play and practice and a perfect start up for new players , messing up customized tournaments, ruining all fun out of 1:1, degrading match tournament, take away the ball track guide in career missions, make everything about spending money (and stars), downgrading equipment stats dramatically , winds up to 8, ridiculous watches which give +34 yards and - 3.6 wind reduction and whatever I forgot to mention, I wouldn't say card draw crap is the worst, as card draw before update gave usually crap too, only there was a chance..
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