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Version 8.0.1 connection problems

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  • Version 8.0.1 connection problems

    I was told that I had to update to version 8.0.1. After I did I cannot connect to the server

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    I have uninstalled twice and shut down my device and it still won't connect. My internet connection speed shows over 200 mbps. I have others in my guild with same problem


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      I’m having the same problem


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        Same problem here


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          I was in, but saw the message that I should update, my app. I’ve not been able to connect since.

          *** Don’t update until this gets corrected. ***


          • Harv
            Harv commented
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            Sands happened to me, was in got notice to update and now I can't connect

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          Same here on iPad Air2


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            So sorry for the interruption golfers. Here’s 10 stars lol


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              Problem is with IOS. Com forgot to roll back to 8.0.0 on the Apple Store when they abandoned the update. Those with IOS should immediately disable auto update if they haven't yet been updated to 8.0.1. Until Com do the 8.0.1 update or roll back to 8.0.0 on Apple Store you won't be able to connect.
              Android is ok as Google Play has version 8.0.0.

              The incompetence of Com once again succeeds in meeting expectations.


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                I can log in but get kicked off. I’ve updated and even uninstalled and reinstalled. Lost several match games because I was disconnected right at the star of play. Had to forfeit the hole.


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                  Copy of the response provided on the matter.

                  The response was provided on a different topic post. (Link to post: )

                  Hello Golfers,

                  I got news on why some iOS golfers were locked out before today's maintenance started.

                  There was an issue where the new version had been released on App Store prior to the actual game update.

                  Access should be able once the maintenance is over.

                  If you cannot access the game after the maintenance, please contact the Support Team.
                  Link to contact the Support Team:

                  Sorry for the inconvenience.

                  I've informed the developers there have been numerous reports about it on the forum.