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  • Match Challenge

    I’ve won 7 times today and the stats show I have none. Yet I completed my mission by getting a win. The S H I T just keeps plopping.

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    Hello @RicBernard

    I am unable to look at the necessary records to personally assist you.

    Please contact the Support Team to receive the appropriate assistance for your situation.

    Link to contact the Support Team:

    Hope everything is resolved for you soon.



    • RicBernard
      RicBernard commented
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      Canned BS reply as usual.....

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    Here's another thing. Some of my opponents got another lie as they landed. So one found bunker in front of green and next screen showed him 3y away fron hole on the green.

    Another example. Oppo was shown 2y away from hole, his lie was 8y away.

    That is jist ridiculous


    • baknuchel
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      I had opponent land in bunker, me two yards away. He misses bunker shot then next thing it shows eagle (on par 4).
      Next opponent lands 8 yards away and me 3, next thing he is putting from 5 yards and we tie on points.

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    i just had another one at sands. his drive landed at 1.2y on green. so i thought damn i´ve lost. next screen showed him 14y offf green.

    so please com2, fix that. also haptic is very bad.


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      I just found another milestone. Had this twice today. Guy chipped and ball lipped out. Each counted as an eagle. Ridiculous.


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        All these weird 'glitches' with showing the opponent land in a bunker (etc) and next shot they are on the green next to the pin are a side effect of the new watches. The power, club, and direction, etc are sent to your device and the trajectory is calculated by your device. The algorithm did not include the watch bonus and as such, all the calculations are wrong.


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          Hello Golfers,

          Thank you for your additional reports and assessment of the issue!

          Will have the developers check into it as well!