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  • No vip coupons

    I have 2 accounts. Both at present are not getting any lucky box vip coupons. Yet I am a VIP on both accounts. The last 3 times
    why is this please. And can it be sorted quick. Thx. .spartacus. And oncloud69.

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    Hmm. Can I ask why no response. It tells me I’m receiving them. But none get added. Can someone let me know this is being looked into thanks
    I use an iPad mini 4. And up until last week this has not been a problem. Have they stop being issued. Am I just losing the plot.


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      Hi oncloud69,

      We're sorry you're experiencing this. I will ask our dev team to look into your two accounts and resolve this issue.

      Thank you for your support!



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        You don't get coupons for the VIP. You go into the equipment lucky box and each week you'll get a free spin on the middle one. You'll have to look at the button and notice that it has changed to a free spin.


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          In which case it shows how much attention I’ve paid in the past. It may well be me losing the plot then. If so apologies to all
          i blame it on my age. Thanks for responses. I will respond again in 2 days then a week will have past. SORRY.