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Mission button goes to blank screen

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  • Mission button goes to blank screen

    when selecting the button (s) to do a power up or combination in the mission screen it goes blank except for the Christmas tree. It doesn't happen every time but 2/3 of the time. See photo, I then have to shut down and reboot. Usually the second time works

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    This same thing happens to me when I click on transcendence in the locker room. About 2/3 of the time too...


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      Zenith any responses on this issue?


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        This is the screen I get every time I select the mission button "power up" in the daily missions. It freezes up and I have to shut down and reboot. Zenith have you sent this in to the developers yet?? I use a iOS iPad II latest version.


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          Hi Harv,

          I gave our dev team the info for this issue when it was originally reported at the beginning of October. Unfortunately, I have not received any word on this issue. Will remind our dev team tonight.

          Thank you for your support!



          • Harv
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            Thanks Zenith, I figure they have done nothing or it got lost in the many requests, but it is happening pretty consistently and mostly when the button says power up