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Skill Driving Distance Issue Notice (Compensation provided)

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  • Skill Driving Distance Issue Notice (Compensation provided)

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    First of all, we would like to apologize for the skill driving distance issue that's occurring in the game after the v8.0.1 update on Jan. 16th.

    This issue has occurred unexpectedly during the version stabilization process.

    When you use the skill shot, the driving distance is calculated less than the one from the versions before the v8.0.1 update.

    We are currently doing our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    We'll be sending out the following item as a compensation.

    ■ Compensation Details
    - Target: All users
    - Item: 100 Stars
    - The reward will be available during Jan. 17th 1am - Jan. 24th 6:59am PST

    We once again apologize for the matter and thank you for your understanding.​

    Official Withhive Notice :
    **The notice may not be available for viewing after some time. Please refer to the copy provided above.

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    And also check sky shot +1 skill


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      i would suggest that all those brainless script kiddies pack their bags and disappear from the scene. Issue after Issue after Issue. Apoligize bla bla bla bla....

      I can´t read this s h i t anymore. Always the same. Com2 destroyed the game completly in less than a month


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        Please make this error right. Our game is corrupted


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          When you'll ever get it fixed stay away from changing anything on distance again you morons


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            It’s always “sorry for the F up”..notice that.?


            • Hellacious.G
              Hellacious.G commented
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              Yep, every damn time. They're incapable of producing an update that isn't loaded with issues.
              Last edited by Hellacious.G; 01-19-2020, 09:28 PM.

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            Why don’t you just put the game back the way it was and give people their money back that spent on watches. There are other more creative ways to make money like sponsored clothing brands (ie get $ from Pepsi or Supreme from their ad budget to make branded clothes here) and it’s probably more lucrative than trying to milk players and change the game where players are leaving. You used to have $ you got from “brand name” clubs and bags and signs you put on the courses. What happened?


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              Guess as soon as possible means not soon and if possible. Dumb asses.


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                Hello Golfers,

                Thank you for your feedback on this issue.

                I'll have the developers know.



                • baknuchel
                  baknuchel commented
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                  ZenithAngler there are no developers actually allocated to Golfstar until maintenance day this week is there? If there were and this was only an issue arising from server stabilization then it would have been fixed by now. Seems like we don't have any developer allocated only to Golfstar or if they are, they work part time and very few hours.

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                Shame on you, we have a problem for a week now. what are you doing. Are you sick or what?


                • RicBernard
                  RicBernard commented
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                  Sadly, no one hears you.

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                Hola Zenith tengo esperanza de que conteste algo mas que no sea que lo comunica a los desarrolladores.
                Te expondre todas las quejas por si de verdad quereis que esto funcione o en todo caso digas la verdad y asi ya elimino el juego.
                1.- Modo tour.- Funcionaba perfectamente cada 1 sabia su nivel y ascendia o descendia conforme a el. En vez de ello dejais un monton de gente atrapada sin metros o yardas ni para ganar ni para obtener recompensas decentes con las que al menos disfrutar del juego. Esa gente no puede descender y ya no juega el tour.
                2.- Viento.- Viento 6,7,8 no es golf es otra quieres un juego divertido, lluvia, frio, sol etc...el juego es injugable poco divertido el reloj no vale para nada.
                3.- El 1vs1 sin recompensas de estrellas... no lo jugare mas.
                4.- Campo de practica "real"... eso es que vale un campo con viento 1 si me obligas a jugar con viento 8. El campo de practicas no es real.
                5.- El modo Carrera hay que devolverlo a como estaba.
                Una cosa mas si cambia el modo batalla.... el juego habra desaparecido en 2 meses porque la gente no jugara mas.
                6.- Publicidad =recompensas x1= No ver la publicidad no merece la pena.
                7. La barra de putt es demasiado rápida otra vez.

                Y como no cambieis lo de los vientos haciendo que golfstar sea "jugable"... la gente se ira yendo...
                Actualizacion muy muy mala... el negocio es vender a precio asequible ilusionar a la gente que pueda competir de igual a igual com materiales iguales y gastando dinero de forma razonable... asi no
                Muy mal pero que muy mal.
                7.- Golfstar va a seguir igual... Responde Si o No..
                Asi mi decision de no jugar mas sera la correcta
                Last edited by EL_HISPANO; 01-21-2020, 07:10 AM.


                • ZenithAngler
                  ZenithAngler commented
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                  Hello EL_HISPANO,

                  Thank you for your thought compilation!

                  I've forwarded these to the developers!

                  Feel free to leave more feedback and suggestions.

                  I'll always welcome them!

                  I can't answer your question, but I do think that you'll find out soon enough in a future update.