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[Maintenance] Server Maintenance >>Jan. 16th 17:00 ~ Jan. 16th 20:00 (3 hours)​​​​​​​

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    Why would you issue an update without obviously testing it properly? I have been unable to play for 5 hours and now you add on another 3 hours. Smooth move. People are already upset about the version 8 changes now this. Really incompetent


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      Hello Golfers,

      I got news on why some iOS golfers were locked out before today's maintenance started.

      There was an issue where the new version had been released on App Store prior to the actual game update.

      Access should be able once the maintenance is over.

      If you cannot access the game after the maintenance, please contact the Support Team.
      Link to contact the Support Team:

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      I've informed the developers there have been numerous reports about it on the forum.



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        In what alternative universe is this improved Match Tournament rewards?
        Click image for larger version  Name: Views:	1 Size:	810.6 KB ID:	1888572 You could earn 360 stars, 5 Perfect Zone drinks, 5 putting guides and 6 synthesis revision passes for a win before. Now 56000 GP, 5 putting guides and 3 watch coupons.

        Won't be bothering with Match Tournament anymore.
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        • ZenithAngler
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          Hello baknuchel,

          Feedback has been relayed to the developers.

          Thank you for expressing your opinion.


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        Alsonwhy again in prep period. Why do they don't tell exactly details of what they will do? Some prep rounds of us git sucked because of changes


        • Hellacious.G
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          This has been brought up many, many times. Com clearly doesn't give a F*** about anyone other than themselves.